Important Information

Please look in your child’s assignment book to see what they are doing in Math.
  • In order to help your student learn their basic facts your child should complete xtramath 2 times a week.
  • Please have your student work on Compass Learning at least 2 times per week. Please contact me if their password or username is not working.
  • We are on the final chapter in math, Chapter 8 will have the students learning about Measurement and Geometry! This will include area, volume, converting measurements, line plots and classifying two-dimensional figures. As of right now the test will be on June 4th.

  • The students are going to be writing about their lives and creating an Autobiography. What is special about this autobiography is that it will be written through poetry. Every year this becomes the boys' favorite writing unit, so I look forward to seeing what they create.

  • The students are going to pick a previous Battle Book to read for the last few weeks of school. They will then create a review of the book by talking about characters, setting, figurative language and comparing it to another "Battle Book" that they have read.

  • We have begun our unit on Mixtures and Solutions.

Social Studies
  • We are then going to move into people who had a major impact on the colonies both Loyalists, on the side of the British Government, and Patriots, those who wanted freedom from England.
  • The First and Second Continental Congress were very important to the success of the colonies. It allowed for the Declaration of Independence to be written, which told England or our desire to be our own country. In addition, we are going to find out the advantages and disadvantages both sides had including who became our Allies during the war.

Important Dates
  • June 2nd-Flip Flop Day
  • June 3rd-Field Day (rain date June 5th)
  • June 11th- graduation party
  • June 12th-Graduation-Breakfast at 8:15-Ceremony at 9:00 (kids may leave when ceremony is finished)

Monday the 1st = D Day
Tuesday the 2nd = A Day
Wednesday the 3rd = B Day (gym shoes)

Thursday the 4th = C Day
Friday the 5th = D Day

Special’s Schedule
A Days-Art and Band/Orchestra
B Days- Physical Education/Spanish
C Days- Spanish and Band/Orchestra
D Days- Vocal Music
We will not have Band/Orchestra on Fridays for most weeks. We will let you know if the schedule changes and the students will have Band/Orchestra on Fridays.

5th grade is a Peanut Free Zone. Due to the number of peanut allergies in the grade please be sure that any treats that are brought in for birthdays or special occasions do not have peanuts or made in the same area as other peanut product.

Compass Odyssey OnLine Learning

Personalized Anytime Learning: Students can learn and practice anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available! The activities have been pre-determined by the student’s performance on the NWEA math test. The program selects activities that the student has demonstrated they are ready to learn.

Personalized Support: Need help with a particular type of problem, more challenging work, or something a little easier? E-mail Mr. Pruzinsky all summer long (dp11bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us) or come to Groves HS on Thursday’s from 4 - 5 (beginning on June 26th) in Computer Lab C-1 to get help.

Three Exciting Options:

1. Use Compass Learning from home and come to Groves HS on Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 in computer

lab C-1.

2. Use Compass Learning from home and contact Danny Pruzinsky dp11bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us with

questions and specific learning paths

3. Come to Groves HS on Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 in computer lab C-1.

Who: All BPS students have access to Compass Learning this summer, including plus math students.

What: Compass Learning is an online learning tool that combines math instruction, practice and assessment.

Students log-on to their own personal Compass account through the Birmingham Schools webpage, select “Staff Only” on the left hand side of the main web-page, and then pick “Compass Learning” to get in.


 Students can log-on online any time to work on their own personal learning path.

 Beginning June 26th - August 20th from 4 -5 pm at Groves HS (beginning on June 26th), a Pierce teacher

will be available to monitor and assist students in their learning.

 No lab class on July 3rd.


 Anywhere with a computer and internet connection

 Groves HS on Thursday afternoons from 4 – 5 in computer lab C-1

Why:** Provide a “bridge” learning opportunity to increase students’ confidence and capabilities to ease transitions from one grade level to then next. According to research, during the summer, students can lose as much as 22% of what they learned in school without continued skill and concept practice. This means that up to two months of school can be down the drain! Compass Learning, and additional teacher support from provided during the drop in lab sessions gives students a chance to continue their math learning throughout the summer.

Questions: Contact Danny Pruzinsky at dp11bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us